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With rising costs from food and gas to healthcare, your retirement planning may be feeling the squeeze. Accessing your home equity without having to move may be a way to reclaim the rewarding lifestyle you’ve planned for.

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How can a reverse mortgage help you achieve your goals?

Monthly Payouts

Access the value in your home to help alleviate the costs of in-home care or help supplement your social security income.

Pay Off Your Mortgage

Gain yourself some breathing room by paying off your remaining mortgage balance and eliminating that monthly payment.

Line of Credit

Help cover unexpected costs or use your home equity to protect your retirement accounts in a down market.

Reverse for Purchase

Whether downsizing or relocating, you can use a reverse mortgage to purchase a new home resulting in no monthly payments.

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How does a reverse mortgage work?

Here are some Reverse Mortgage basics...

  • Available to Washington residents 62 and over
  • Get pre-qualified
  • No monthly payments required
  • Stay in your home
  • Access your existing home equity
  • Available up to $4 million
  • Payments not considered normal income
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